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please wait until the white line appears........
Press 'd' for Definitely.
Press 'k' for Kazuaki One Two Three.
Press 't' for Ten Little BOB Groupies.
Press 'w' for Winnie.
Press 's' for Super-Mega-Very Special, Ultra Extra Ordinary Tom.
Press 'b' for Brand New Song.
Press 'a' for Such A Much Better Place.
Press 'i' for The Idea Is Good, But The World Is Not Ready Yet.
Press 'n' for Nobody Told. Press 'c' for Tomorrow, When The Sun Comes Down
Press 'h ' for The Closing Song.
Press them all together, again and again, faster and faster .
"Load Sample" by Damien Di Fede.
remixed by Tom Wayne.

Source code: pkp_LoadSample6

Built with Processing