frequently asked questions about the music-making band BOB


Is this really your homepage?

Is it true, that you’re greatest inspiration in the process of music making is the film “Christine” by John Carpenter?

Have your incredibly beautiful video clips ever be shown at the National Film Theatre?

Do you like singing?

Does it have a realistic background, if somebody told me, that you’re playing concerts at my home?

Which band do you prefer, The Beatles or the Smashing Pumpkins?

Have you ever seen the Wayne?

Is it possible for you, to be in one place and have a gig simultaneous in another place?

How was the trans-europe-express-tour-2008 for you, financially speaking?

Can I listen to all the songs of your second album “tom” without paying a penny?

Is it just a rumor that you’re working on a ep which will start a disco-revival?

Is it somehow possible for me to mix all the songs of the second album “tom” just by pressing keys?

Are you in contact with journalists?

Why isn’t there any newsletter to know what’s going on with you guys?

Why did you choose BOB as your bands name or has your manager chosen it?

How many albums did release?

I’d like to download BOB-files without internet. Is that possible?

Do you like your pictures when you see them in the newspapers?

Do your friends still visit your concerts?